DTF Pro (6002) 24” DTF Pro PET Film Printing Machine

DTF Pro (6002) 24” DTF Pro PET Film Printing Machine


Print Head:  Dual Epson PrecisionCore™ 4720 print heads. 
Max Print Size: 600 mm Print Width.
Print Speed: 15-20m2/h.


The DTF-6002Pro is a new generation of recycling equipment that is powder-free and smokeless. There is no engraving and no waste disposal, which means that the environment is protected and pollution is avoided. The maximum print speed is 20m2/h.

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New Feature of DTF-6002 Pro

Powder Recycle-free

The automatic recycling powder configuration of the next generation DTF machine is more cost-effective than manual recycling.

Vacuum suction conveyor belt

The print material is absorbed by a vacuum adsorption conveying platform, which ensures that the material does not bulge or flow off.

Built-in Heater

Improve the ink's adherence and cure capabilities, and prevent ink bleeding at low temperatures.

Advanced White Ink Circulation System

The white ink circulatory system keeps debris from clogging the nozzle.

Machine Parameter

Brand Arre Digibot
Model Type DTF 6002 PRO
Print Head I3200-A1
Print Resolution 2400DPI
Print Speed 6pass: 9m/H 8pass: 6m/H
Color Control ICC Color Poil With Adust Unction
Print Width 600mm
Ink Textile Pigment Ink
Operation Enviroment Temperature 15°C~30°C, Humidity 50%~75%
Power 50Hz/60Hz 110V/220V 10~20A
System Windows 7 Or Above
Printer (Machine Size):1600 X 960X 1300mm(L XWxH)
(Packing Size ) : 2040 X 1140X 1240mm(LxWxH)
(Net Weight) : 150KG; (Gross Weight) : 250KG
Glue Coating System (Machine Size):1600 X 1360 X 1200mm(L XWxH)
(Packing Size ) : 2040 X 1340(LxWxH)
(Net Weight) : 200KG; (Gross Weight) : 250KG
Applicable Substrate Swimsuit, Diving Suit, High-Elasticity Suit, Cotton, Nylon, Chemical Fiber, Leather, PVC & EVA, Etc.